Sue Dingman serves as the Facilities Manager/General Services for Pango Group. In her role, she oversees new office openings and remodels and also works closely with vendors to ensure that her internal clients are comfortable and well-equipped in their new office surroundings. 


Besides being a master of logistics, Sue has an innate knack for helping others and making them happy, which might explain why she works diligently to ensure that new offices are 100 percent and make the employees as comfortable as possible. Her ability to truly listen and hear the needs and objectives of others is just one of the many things that makes her such a valuable part of the organization. 


Sue has worked in the escrow industry for 11 years and brings with her decades of experience from the title industry where she worked as a customer service manager, title production manager assistant and as an assistant to an operations manager. 


Sue is a Pango Group fan through and through, and says that if she were caught stranded on a deserted island with only three items, one of them would absolutely be her Pango water bottle. The other two? Avocados and matches. She has spent her entire life in the LA area and enjoys gardening and spending time with her son, daughter-in-law, our dogs and friends.