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To many Realtors, the concept of using video in their business is limited to the use of a virtual tour to market their listings.  But, the technology of today busts the door wide open for agents to incorporate video into their business like never before.  And, video is powerful stuff.  Take a look at this video by Mike Mueller discussing the merits of video for real estate. He recorded this as part of a contest on MyTechOpinion.com answering the question “What technology product or service has made the biggest impact on your business? And why?”. (see all the finalists submissions here)

It is so easy and very affordable to get started with video.  I carry around in my purse a Flip Video camera.  You can buy one on Amazon.com for $60-$130 (depending on features like duration of recording and color ).  I have this one:

My Flip Video is the size of a box of cigarettes, runs on two AA batteries, and is SIMPLE to use (you just push a red button to record, and the same button to stop the recording).  And, the video is all pre-compressed and ready to be uploaded to YouTube or other video sharing site such as Viddler.  The camera comes with a USB connector built into it so you just pop the Flip Video into your computer and go!


And, did you know that CV Escrow has Flip Video’s of our Escrow Officers, Escrow Assistants, and Business Development Directors on our site?  People like to know who they are working with, and a brief video shows them so much more in 30 seconds than a bio that lists their professional background.  Often buyers and sellers never meet the escrow officer until the end of the transaction when documents need to be signed.  And for out of town buyers and sellers, they may never meet the escrow officer.  We have several agents who forward on to their clients the link to the video of the escrow officer that is handling their transaction.  Through the video introduction, clients get a better familiarity with the people they are dealing with on the phone.  Check out videos of our team by following these links:

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  1. Steve Stewart | May 19th, 2009

    I love my Flip video camera and never leave the house without it. All of the videos on our Windermere Video Blog are taken using my Flip. I paid $65 for mine at Amazon.com and it was the best $65 I’ve ever spent.

  2. Mike Mueller | May 20th, 2009

    Thanks for the mention!
    As evidenced by my video I am a HUGE video fan and love the FLIP. There are cheaper alternatives out there but they usually add a small headache of recording in .mov (the FlIP records in .avi)

  3. Ed Bisquera | May 25th, 2009

    Cool to see you mentioned on this site Mike! 🙂

    After much consideration and review, I finally decided to go with the Sony WebbieHD Cam. There are a handful of reasons why I feel it’s far superior to the FLIP cams, but two reasons come to mind: 1) ability to choose video quality formats, eg 1920 vx 1280 vs SD and 2) ability to swap out memory cards, up to 16 GIG!

    I’ve thought the FLIP cams were a great tool, now Sony, true pros at video, has something to really rave about. I shot my sons football game, a great touchdown run on the Sony Webbie.

    Check it out: Sony WebbieHD sample footage at YouTube

    Oh, the format records to MP4 H.264 and has great audio too! IMHO hands down the Sony WebbieHD is better bang for your buck than the Flip…

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