iStock_000009579244XSmallEarth Day is in just a couple weeks and is celebrated by billions of people around the world and is observed in over 190 countries. Help do your part today, and every day to protect the environment!

Earth Day Facts:
Energy Star rated LED light bulbs use at least 75% less energy, and last 25 times longer, than incandescent lighting.  Switching entirely to LED lights over the next two decades could save the U.S. $250 billion in energy costs, reduce electricity consumption for lighting by nearly 50 percent and avoid 1,800 million metric tons of carbon emissions.

In 2012, existing power plants in the US emitted 4.8 trillion pounds of carbon dioxide ‘Greenhouse Gas’.

The US produces more than 4 million tons of junk mail each year – that is more than 8 billion pounds of paper.

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