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The language of escrow and the real estate transaction doesn’t need to be a stumbling block; once you know the terms, these words become what they are meant to be – valuable tools to help smooth the road to a successful transaction. Contingency This is a clause in the sales contract that says something must […]

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Understanding contingencies is important when you are considering making an offer on a property.   A contingency is a condition in the Purchase Agreement that allows the buyer(s) to remove themselves from the contract with their deposit refunded if certain conditions are not met after their offer is presented. Some of the most common contingencies are: […]

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We did an analysis of what effect the ‪#‎TRID‬ implementation had on the median days to close for all closings before the 10/3/2015 implementation of TRID and all closings under the new rule which were opened after 10/3/2015. Here’s the data for Refis (R) and Resales (S). We have seen no significant closing delays since the TRID […]

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C.L.U.E.® Home Sellers Disclosure Reports will no longer be available through CV Escrow or any other disclosure companies. LexisNexis®, the company that owns the C.L.U.E.® Report, has decided to discontinue the sale of the report through third party vendors such as California disclosure companies. Should a buyer request this report, sellers can obtain one free copy of […]

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The CFPB is requiring that the owner’s policy be disclosed as “optional” due to the fact that unlike the lender’s policy which is required by most institutional lenders in the country, an owner’s title insurance policy is not a transactional requirement nationwide. This new descriptor was written to and applied nationwide with no allowance for […]

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Starting October 3rd, there will be a new Closing Disclosure form, which will replace the Truth-in-Lending Act (TILA) disclosure and the HUD-1. Here’s an example of what the last 17 days of your closing might look like after October 3rd. Please email us for more information on how the new regulations could affect your escrow! […]

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The purchase of a home is unlike almost any other transaction. Not only does a large amount of money have to exchange hands, but important legal documents need to be drawn up and exchanged as well to ensure the entire process is following every regulation that protects both the buyer and seller. In many cases, […]

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CV Escrow is pleased to announce the opening of our new Rancho Mirage office.  CV Escrow, Rancho Mirage has re-located to 71-703 Highway 111, Suite 1B, Rancho Mirage, California 92270. Our Rancho Mirage Escrow Officers David Lehmann and Belinda Chase each have more than 20 years experience serving the desert real estate community. They are experts at […]

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When you’ve decided on the house that is “the” house for you and your family, you make what’s called a “good faith” deposit. This money goes into the agent’s “escrow account” until details of the purchase agreement have been solidified between the buyer and seller.  Once the purchase agreement is complete, the money in the […]

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