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Find the Answer to Anything – Remember that Google is Your Friend!

Find the Answer to Anything – Remember that Google is Your Friend!

Every Tuesday, here at the CV Escrow website, we post Technology Tips designed to help you, the Realtor, grow your business, keep up to date on the latest technologies, and move you forward into the new era of Real Estate.

It is very common for Realtors to find the world of Web 2.0, social networking, and technology overwhelming.  There is so much new terminology and new information.  The technical landscape seems to move so fast.  The news talks about the latest “thing” be it Blogging, Facebook, or Twitter.  How does one keep up?

This post is to remind you that the most obvious forum for finding the answer to your questions is right under your nose and is often overlooked: Google.  Google tends to have the answer to anything.  Not sure what that text acronym TTYL is that your client (or niece) is using?  Type “TTYL” into Google and you’ll have an instant answer.  Wondering what this Twitter thing is and if it is something you should know about?  Type in “Twitter for Realtors” into Google and you’ll get plenty of perspectives on how to decide if Twitter is for you.

Do you feel you get too many results or don’t seem to find what you are looking for when you search for a topic on the web?  Common Craft did a great video explaining Web Search Strategies in Plain English.  Invest 3 minutes of your time and watch the video to learn some basic tips that will help you find exactly the content you are looking for when you search the web.  It will not only save you time, but it will also open the door to answering any question you might have regarding technology, your real estate business, and this world of Web 2.0.

You might also want to consider Google-ing the name of the clients you are working with.  In a previous post, I discussed the merits of Google-ing yourself and how to set up a Google alert to track what is being said about you on the web.  With the proliferation of social networks and the boom in participation in them, many of your clients are out there and searchable on the web.  You may learn a thing or two about your clients that will help you to connect with them as you help them with their real estate needs.  Give Google a try!

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