CV Escrow | The Importance of Mobile Marketing in Your Marketing Strategy
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The Importance of Mobile Marketing in Your Marketing Strategy

The Importance of Mobile Marketing in Your Marketing Strategy

In the past five years, an entirely new segment of marketing technologies have evolved in the real estate world. Some have faded as trends, while others seem to be here for the long run. Mobile marketing is definitely one that looks like it will be around for years to come.

Of course, with these new technologies come challenges. Finding the time to not only learn about them, but also to learn how to use them effectively, can be daunting at times. To assist, we’ve complied some great statistics that emphasize the reach of mobile marketing. As of 2010, nearly 95% of all Americans were using a mobile phone, with nearly half of them being smartphone users. As if these number aren’t large enough already, they are estimated to grow by 80 million over the next year. Although the numbers may vary from area to area, there is no disputing the immense opportunities in mobile marketing.

If you are interested in gearing up your mobile marketing strategy, there are a few things you may want to start thinking about.

Optimized Website: There is nothing worse than going to a website from your phone and finding out it doesn’t work or is limited in its functionality. One big fail is the use of Flash, as iPhone devices cannot read this program. There are various vendors and WordPress plug-ins that can help with the optimization of websites, with prices ranging from free to a several thousand dollars.

QR Codes: Quick Response Codes have become quite popular over the last year, and real estate professionals are now looking at ways to integrate them into their mobile marketing strategies. QR codes can be placed on business cards, for sale signs and printed advertising. When the end user scans the code, they are taken to a predefined location on the web. This gives the person who scanned the code instant access to the website via their phone. Of course, if you are linking to your website, ensure it is mobile optimized for best results.

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