CV Escrow | Technology Tip: Using Foursquare to Build Your Real Estate Business
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Technology Tip: Using Foursquare to Build Your Real Estate Business

Technology Tip: Using Foursquare to Build Your Real Estate Business

One tool that doesn’t seem to be leaving the technology world anytime soon is Foursquare. Foursquare is a geo-local, mobile application that allows you to “check-in” at locations around your community. Once you check-in, your connections can see where you are, what places you frequent the most, and if you hold any mayorships (an award given out to the person who visit the location the most). Not only can this tool be fun, but it can also aid in building your business.

Become a Community Expert: It’s a known fact that consumers like working with professionals who know their area, and Foursquare allows you to do just that. If you frequent the local Starbucks each week, take a few moments to check-in. Chances are you’ll increase your chances of gaining the mayorship. Wouldn’t it be great to have a client see that you are the “mayor” of 20 different places within the area they are hoping to buy or sell?

Connect With Your Sphere: Like Facebook and Twitter, Foursquare allows you to connect with friends, business acquaintances, and past/current clients. People enjoy seeing what their friends and family members are doing via this application. In addition, Foursquare also allows you to take photos and attach them to the location you are at. People can then comment on your location and engage with your check-in. This is just one more way to connect with those who matter most in your business.

Make It Known Where You Work: If your office isn’t already a location on Foursquare, create one. Once you’ve created the location, plan on checking in when you’re at the office. In addition, you can leave tips for the location. Perhaps, every Monday you mention a new and exciting listing. Users get accustomed to tips and will come back to see more each week.

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