CV Escrow | How to Choose the Perfect Property Profile Photo
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How to Choose the Perfect Property Profile Photo

How to Choose the Perfect Property Profile Photo

Since practically everyone is familiar with some kind of social media profile picture, you know that you really only stop and look at the interesting ones. If you get a request for a mystery person that has a picture of a sunset, baby, or worse nothing at all, you are most likely going to “decline” whatever request they are making. Or if you get a request from someone whose name you don’t recognize, maybe you would recognize the photo and accept the request. The same concept is applicable your home’s property profile photo.

In many cases this photo is the first image a prospective buyer is going to see. You want it to make that property shine! The average person will give something about three seconds before they decide to either move on or look further. If the property photo really stands out, they are going to look further! Compare this idea to direct marketing material – the picture has to be great or you will throw it away without a second look.

The property profile photo should be of the front of the house. A buyer wants to see what he or she will be coming home to. They don’t want to see a close-up of the flowers in the front yard or a huge oak tree. The seller might be passionate about these pretty features, but the buyer most likely will not be. Once you’ve got their attention, they probably want to see more of the house. If it’s impossible to get interior shots, just skip the “scenery” shots. No one really cares about the closest street sign or cul-de-sac. Keeping these tips in mind will make people look closer at your property listing.

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