CV Escrow | Pinterest for Real Estate: Five Ways to Connect With Buyers and Sellers
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Pinterest for Real Estate: Five Ways to Connect With Buyers and Sellers

Pinterest for Real Estate: Five Ways to Connect With Buyers and Sellers

For many potential homebuyers, the real fun comes in narrowing down the exciting yet endless possibilities for decorating their new living space. Long before they sign the escrow papers, they’re dreaming of shiny new wood floors for the bedroom, a dramatic chandelier above the dining table and a full-blown entertaining deck out back.

No wonder has become so popular—especially among women, who account for the vast majority of its more than 8 million fans. The booming social website where users can “pin” their ideas on virtual idea boards and see them all in one place has many people wondering what they ever did without it.

When it comes to building your social media toolkit, Pinterest is one of the top new ways Realtors can connect and build relationships with buyers and sellers—and definitely one of the most fun. Create an account just for your business and show clients the personality, style and know-how they can expect in working with you. Be sure to include a link back to your site in your profile.

1)     Highlight your location. Pinning shots of natural beauty, interesting architecture, hot attractions and local events paints a vibrant picture of your locale. Consider creating a few boards that play up the best of each neighborhood, from schools and gyms to recreation and shopping. Include keywords for each pin, such as “Old Pasadena boutiques.”

2)     Showcase recent sales. Attractive home sales boost confidence. Give buyers and sellers a sneak peek inside favorite spaces of your recent sales. Or, take a practical approach and post the exterior with the sale date and price.

3)     Feature decorating ideas for homes in your niche. Design a few boards based on what your clients mention over and over. Make them specific to your area. “Beach cottages done right,” “Eco-friendly desert landscapes” or “Best pools for family parties” are just a few examples. Inspire with your expertise.

4)     Don’t do it alone. Follow other people, repin their photos, comment and reach out.

5)     Use “advice” boards to drive traffic. Create a board or two based on your best tips, perhaps on staging a home for sale or quick DIY fixes. Pin an image from your blog post to your board so it links back to your blog.

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