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Holiday Home Shopping

Holiday Home Shopping

We have just come off the biggest shopping weeks of the year, and while many people were stocking up on electronics, jewelry, and other gifts, most people didn’t spend their Cyber Monday house hunting online. But perhaps some attention should be paid to the real estate market during the holiday season. There are price cuts to be had and exceptional holiday discounts when it comes to home shopping.

Because most people don’t move during this time of the year, the average home seller will reduce their prices by about $2,000 to $10,000 in order to garner more exposure and to help the home move. The winter is historically a slow period for real estate transactions, and when you couple it with the stress of the holiday season and people’s busy schedules, many people just don’t focus on buying at this time of the year.

However, buying during the off-season can be extremely advantageous for buyers who are willing to fit in just one more thing to their holiday schedule. Serious sellers are the ones who list their homes during this season, and most are motivated and willing to work with buyers who are qualified and express interest. Additionally, some will include incentives during the holiday season, like washers and dryers, flat-screen TVs, and other appliances. And who wouldn’t want another gift under the tree?

With low competition and eager sellers, the holiday season really is a great time to take advantage of purchasing a home if it’s on your list. The bidding process is usually easier, Realtors® and mortgage lenders have more time to spend with buyers, and the entire process normally takes place much quicker than at other times during the year.

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