CV Escrow | How to Properly Utilize Social Media Networks as a REALTOR®
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How to Properly Utilize Social Media Networks as a REALTOR®

How to Properly Utilize Social Media Networks as a REALTOR®

Thumb Up SignSocial media networks are one of the best tools that real estate agents can use to their advantage, as long as they know how to use them correctly. Free social platforms like Twitter and Facebook are just waiting to be used as a community engagement tool for REALTORS® who want to build their online reputation and bring in more clients.

Here are a few tips to be a social media pro.

Begin by thinking like a customer rather than a marketer. Rather than relying on the ability to sell, real estate agents should use their personal skills to connect with clients on a person-to-person level instead of a business-to-consumer one. This means keeping an eye and ear out for people looking for an agent or a new house instead of waiting for them to find you (or a different agent).

Always maintain the person-to-person attitude on social media networks because that can set one REALTOR® apart from the rest. For example, a huge goal on social media platforms is to have a big community of followers that trust your brand. Real estate agents should give potential clients a reason to visit that page. Whether it’s to learn more about the local real estate market, the area’s best neighborhoods or new-to-the-scene restaurants, agents should aim to become a go-to source for overall information about living in the area.

To dive even further in the personal relationships with customers, agents should share photos, videos and stories on their networks. A photo of a young couple with the keys to their first home, a short video with a local official or business owner or a customer testimonial from happy new home owners can all tell a story that text simply cannot.

REALTORS® can build their online presence by spending just 30 minutes each day on social media networks reaching out to past, present and future clients.

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