CV Escrow | Gadgets Aimed At Keeping Real Estate Agents Safe
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Gadgets Aimed At Keeping Real Estate Agents Safe

Gadgets Aimed At Keeping Real Estate Agents Safe

Real Estate Agent Safety GadgetsAlthough safety has always been a priority to agents and brokers while working out in the field, the recent tragic incident of Beverly Carter in Arkansas has brought about a new call for an increase in security. Luckily, innovative tech companies throughout the country are answering that call with a bevy of new gadgets and apps designed to make an agent working alone in the field more comfortable and secure.

Here are a few of the latest security tech innovations to hit the market:


Brokers looking to purchase a security system on a larger scale for all of their agents to use might consider investing in the services of Guardly, a safety solutions company. One of Guardly’s most popular products is its safety app, which can be downloaded on any smart device regardless of its operating system. The app offers connection with emergency services, real-time notification to a designated group of people, location tracking, and an emergency beacon. This security solution comes at quite a bargain considering all of the important services it can provide. Download of the app is free while the monthly subscription for its features is $1.99.


One of the latest innovations in safety technology is wearable items that can send off an emergency beacon or contact friends and family in cases of emergency. One of the leading companies driving this trend is Cuff, which manufactures a small device that can fit into pieces of jewelry such as cuffs and necklaces. The device has a built-in safety feature that can send out a message to designated emergency contacts and can also pick up audio from the surrounding environment. Although Cuff is not available to the public quite yet, consumers can preorder the device ahead of the March 2015 launch date.

First Sign

Combining a mobile app with wearable safety, First Sign has a range of products that can not only alert friends and family, but can also indicate if trauma has occurred. First Sign’s pod can attach to a head band or bracelet and can alert others if the wearer hasn’t checked in with the app within a certain amount of time. The pod can also help to indicate if the wearer has fallen or has been harmed in some way as it can detect trauma to the body part on which it is worn.


While personal safety has been at the forefront of many developments as of late, the safety and security of belongings has always been an issue for agents especially during open houses. Tile is a device that can attach to personal items such as keys, purses and computer cases, and through a Bluetooth signal, can indicate if your possessions have “walked off” with somebody else. Tile has a 100-foot range and can also record the last place an item was detected at and alerts you when you are getting close to the device, providing useful clues when hunting down your possessions.

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