CV Escrow | Can Going Green In Your Business Make More Green?
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Can Going Green In Your Business Make More Green?

Can Going Green In Your Business Make More Green?

iStock_000009579244XSmallAs Earth Day, April 22nd approaches, it reminds us that we reside on a living planet that requires nurturing care—just like a business.  Americans have grown increasingly eco-conscious and supportive of conservation efforts, providing real estate professionals a platform to brand themselves “eco” by integrating green initiatives into their business.  Here are some worthy considerations:

The Office:

  • Conserve on paper usage by moving over to online transaction management
  • For necessary paperwork, use recycled paper
  • Use environmentally friendly cleaning products

Property Listings & Showings

  • Reduce paper waste by substituting flyers with a QR code on your sign–smartphone users can scan it and go directly to your listing to review photos and pricing information
  • Work with homeowner to identify areas of their home that are green; then leverage this in marketing materials.  Example: solar panels (lower utilities), xeriscaping (minimizes water usage), ENERGY STAR appliances, etc.
  • Consider driving a hybrid or electric vehicle – saves on gas, lowers emissions and tells your clients you care about the environment

Implementing green measures in your business may result in ROI such as reduced office expenses and fuel costs, but it’s what can’t be measured that may matter the most – branding yourself and your company as advocates of Planet Earth.

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