CV Escrow | 5 Ways to Generate Real Estate Leads Using Twitter
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5 Ways to Generate Real Estate Leads Using Twitter

5 Ways to Generate Real Estate Leads Using Twitter

You can make a big impression in 140 characters, especially to savvy first-time home buyers who are avid users of social media. An impressive 15% of the 18-49 age group uses Twitter, so it’s important to realize that you can generate real estate leads by using it. Here are some tips!

1. Creating a Community of Followers: Like Facebook, your network gets stronger by connecting with more people. When you follow someone on Twitter, or they follow you back, you’re each indicating an interest in what the other has to say. So, create a community of followers by giving them useful information, like real estate news, advice, and tips. They followed you because you know real estate, so prove to them what you can offer!

2. Retweet Your Followers:  One of the best ways to engage in conversation on Twitter is by retweeting the interesting content that your followers post. Many will send you a Tweet saying thanks, creating the perfect chance to dialogue. And by retweeting, you’re pushing that content to your own followers. If someone retweet something you wrote or posted, be sure to say thanks. You can also direct message them to see what they liked about the article.

3. Market Your Tweets: No, you don’t need to hire an ad agency, but this simple tip will get you more retweets. Keep your tweets short (fewer than the allowed 140 characters) so that your followers can insert their own two cents before your content. And don’t forget to account for your Twitter handle (your username) because it will be factored into the character count. Make your tweets easy to share and that’s exactly what people will do!

4.  Search Your Area:  A great feature of Twitter is the ability to search. And it’s easy to find tweets about your area by typing in your city and a keyword. For example, “near: Los Angeles real estate” will bring up tweets about real estate in the Los Angeles area, the very topic you’re covering giving you an opportunity to retweet and engage potential followers.

5.  From Twitter to Your Site: Twitter is great, but 140 characters means you have to brief. It’s important to get your followers over to your own website so you can tell the whole story and share more specific information with potential clients. You can also use direct messages to obtain their name, phone number and/or email address if they’re willing to give it to you. Just don’t be pushy, and make sure you’re highlighting why you can help them.

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