CV Escrow | 3 Habits Great REALTORS® Break
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3 Habits Great REALTORS® Break

3 Habits Great REALTORS® Break

Real Estate Agents Client RetentionBeing the trusted source that helps home owners secure the house of their dreams can often take a lot of work. Maintaining contact with those clients once you’ve entered that circle of trust can be challenging as well, but it is this very factor that makes a good REALTOR® a great agent, trusted friend and real estate rock star.

In order to be a great Realtor, there are as many habits to break as there are to make. Here are a few habits that great real estate agents break in order to become the “go-to” source of property information in their communities.

Dropping Contact With Clients After Transactions

Establishing yourself as an experienced agent who is well-versed in a wide-array of transactions is probably one of the most important aspects of being a successful real estate agent. The second most important aspect? Making sure that home owners and buyers in your community know that you are the authority. The clients that you’ve helped along in the home purchasing or selling process are perhaps your greatest resource for generating more leads that can translate to successful transactions.

According to the National Association of REALTORS®, the average person knows between three and five people who will move each year. Current and past clients represent a wealth of potential leads that can be maintained and harvested with minimal cost to the agent. Foster these relationships by sending out a monthly or quarterly newsletter or automate an email marketing campaign through a customer relationship management (CRM) system. These tools will help you stay “top of mind” when the time comes to recommend a trusted agent.

Maintain a Disorderly Contact Information System

Being the busy, on-the-go professionals that real estate agents tend to be, maintaining contact information for clients and potential leads can get tricky. All to often agents will find themselves with contacts in a mix of different places, including on their iPhone, in an address book on their computer or even on a piece of paper shoved in a coat pocket. While this maybe a sign of accessibility and demand for that agent’s services, it also means that they may be disorganized and unprofessional.

Avoid looking like an amateur by investing in a system that will help you sync your contacts between devices and get organized. A CRM is the perfect tool to manage contacts as it allows you to store names, phone numbers, record notes about a conversation and even schedule calls and follow-ups with clients.

Blindly Sign Up for Marketing

One of the best ways to ensure you are hitting your goals and milestones in your real estate career is to track your progress and where your dollars are going. Pay careful attention to where your leads, referrals and clients are coming from and concentrate your efforts in those areas. Blindly investing in marketing tactics won’t give you the personalized approach you need to harvest clients in natural, organic ways that are complementary to the way you conduct your business.

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