CV Escrow | Suggestions for Attracting More Buyers to Your Home
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Suggestions for Attracting More Buyers to Your Home

Suggestions for Attracting More Buyers to Your Home


 As a seller in the current market, you might find yourself wondering on occasion if now is the right time to sell. If you’ve seen a decrease in the number of visitors to your property, don’t pull the listing. Instead, look at these ways you might improve your chances of finding a buyer:

  1. Review the price.  Speak with your agent, especially if your house has been listed for more than a month.  Take a look at recent comps to ensure your price is in line.  If necessary, get a fresh appraisal to ensure your price makes sense.
  2. Create curb appeal.  Potential buyers explore neighborhoods before they set up viewings.  As such, make sure your house looks as beautiful on the outside as it does on the inside.  If you have any out-of-season flowers or shrubs, consider sprucing them up.
  3. Improve interior appeal.  Sometimes all it takes is a simplification:  store the knick-knacks and extra furniture.  A fresh coat of paint may be in order.  Work with a staging company to ensure that any of those “problem” spots in your home look wonderful and inviting!
  4. Update your listing.  These days, most buyers start looking for homes online before they view homes.  Review your listing, and make sure the pictures in your listing represent your house beautifully and accurately.  If you’ve done anything along the lines of items 2 or 3, take updated pictures and make sure they’re updated online.
  5. Negotiate.  It used to be the buyer who had to do this.  Now, it’s the seller’s turn.  Make sure you consider all advantages of an offer before rejecting it outright.  The ground between you and the buyer may be much smaller than it initially appears.  Consider seriously what it would mean if you didn’t take the offer and what it would really cost if you did, then think about #6.
  6. Sweeten the pot.  You may have already decided that you’re getting rid of the appliances, so consider throwing them in.  If you have a little wiggle room, consider helping the buyer with closing costs or moving expenses to help defray some of those costs for them.

In today’s housing market, you have to be one step ahead of the competition.  By following one (or several) of these suggestions, you can help ensure the best opportunity possible to sell your home.

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